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Guitar For Beginners - String Types

Guitar string come in many different sizes. By sizes I mean the gauge or thickness of the strings. For beginners I recommend I light gauge string because the strings will be lighter and easier to fret. Strings vary between 38 gauge and 56 gauge for the 6th string.

A higher string gauge will be thicker compared to a lower string gauge. Higher gauge strings are perfect for alternate and drop tuning situations. On the Acoustic Guitar higher gauge strings will give you a longer sustain and a fuller sound compared to a lighter gauge string.

When you change your Guitar Strings it will probably take a little bit for them to keep their tuning. They will probably keep going flat for a little bit because they need to stretch out. That's why it's a good idea to check out the free Guitar Tuning page to keep you new guitar strings in tune so that you can learn to play the guitar! I use Ernie Ball Guitar Strings. Check them out at www.ernieball.com

The Strings

Figure 1 - Ernie Ball Strings





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