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Easy Guitar Lesson - Led Zeppelin

In this free easy guitar lesson you will learn the intro to "Stairway to Heaven" by Led Zeppelin. Start off by learning the 5 chords below. The chords are shown on a guitar neck diagram to show you where to put your fingers. The black dots are where you place your fingers and fret the string. An "X" means that you don't play the string and an "O" means an open string. An open string is where the string played but it is not fretted.


E Minor Chord G Major Chord D Major Chord  
Audio Audio Audio  
A Minor Chord


E5+/G# Chord


C/G Chord


D/F# Chord Fmaj7 Chord


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Audio Audio    
D/F# Chord Fmaj7 Chord    


This easy guitar lesson can be played using a pick or by fingerpicking. If you are new then I would recommend omitting the notes on the D string except for the "A" note which is on the 7th fret. Learn the 5 easy chords above and you will be playing along with this easy guitar lesson in no time. If you like Led Zeppelin then check out my Led Zeppelin riffs & lessons page.

easy guitar led zeppelin

Easy Guitar Led Zeppelin






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