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Pantera - I'm Broken

This free shred guitar riff is "I'm Broken" by Pantera. Here's' the 1st part of the intro to the song. Some of the best shred guitar riffs happen when you are hung over. Maybe because of the simplicity of the riffs and the raw feeling that you get. Anyways start off with some quick hammer ons and pull offs for this shred guitar riff and then throw in a few power chords and this shred guitar riff is finished.

Remember to tune your guitar down 1 whole step to play this shred guitar tab below. If you need a refresher then check out the tuning page to get your guitar in tune and ready to play. With this lesson you can learn to play "I'm Broken" by Pantera.


Pantera Shred Guitar Riff - I'm Broken

Pantera Shred Guitar Riff - "I'm Broken"






Faster (Actual Speed)

Backing Track




Faster (Acutal Speed)

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